Back to the PAST- PART 1

It all started after the nuke attack took place on Earth. Even the NATO organization couldn’t help in mediating the tensions between the EU and its alliances and Russia and its alliances. All thanks to billionaires and NASA and other organizations including ISRO of India. The habitation on Mars took place in 2080. While there were other planets that were made available for earth like atmosphere including the mighty Jupiter on which there were hazardous gas and reactions were made habitual for third world countries known as the mighty lost people.

Until 2150 planets like Saturn, Pluto, and newly found Merx were created artificially by scientists worldwide. In today’s world, we were known as Vanchit as we were responsible indirectly for blasting the planetary actions in late 2200 which since then was known as 2 years AV (After Vanchit) and years before that were known as BV (Before Vanchit). In order to create Earth-like friendly nature, scientists created cross-breed animals of the last known animals known as Paksh.

As they say, Humans are animals no matter what, so this is our story in which we were about to change the course of humankind by the colonization of other habitats. This is my story: I am Ansh and I am the rebellion we never saw would have such repercussions on humankind. This is the story of Vanchit with other planets …

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