Hello 2023…

So finally, 2022 is over and I welcome 2023 with the utmost positivity that is left in me. 2022 had been a rollercoaster ride that I won’t forget until my last breath. Going through a thunderstorm in everyday life, in 2022 has taught me what I never thought of going through. I took social media detox for most of the months in 2022 and I continue to do so…

Finally, the writer in me woke up and I can’t wait to pen down all the beautifully articulated blogs that I have drafted apart from that there will series of collaborations with bloggers across the globe. I am in connection with someone special for a quick QnA round and probably my first video blog, but it will take a few months to finalize the topic. Thinking from a career point of view, I am doing great with all the positive people around me who are cheering me up when something hits me badly and they are the ones responsible for making me sane and bringing me on right track again.

Meditation has proven to be most effective for bringing positive energy to me. I have started learning Tamil, which I am loving.

Finally, Thank You for being there with me even though you all are located around the globe. Looking forward to bringing 2023 in the most positive and mature way possible.

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